PP Non Woven Disposable Medical Dust Face Mask with 2ply/3ply


Product Description

Material: PP+Meltblown/filter Paper+PP Properties:: Hospital & Health-care, Medical
Type: Surgical Supplies Feature: High Quality Wet Strength Paper, Soft Elastic Cord Earloop Standard:
Color: Blue,Yellow,Green,White,etc Brand: Delta
Place Of Origin:: Hubei,China Style: 2ply/3ply ,tie-on/ear-loop
Size: 17.5*9.5cm,14*9cm,

Disposable Medical Dust Face Mask

1. Surgical Face Mask.

2. Material:PP/SMS/Filter paper/Active carbon

3. Size;17.5 x 9.5cm/14.5*9.5cm

4. Color:White,blue,green,pink,yellow,black

5. BFE>99{0ed61f0c573677f4fb2104bc64991a2cc8f12defe57be631ee5de990f1069db4}.

6. Style: tie-on/ear-loop

7. Fluid resistant layer with unique single pleated design to prevent fluid pooling.

8. Skin irritation:The material of face mask is soft, without odor and without skin irritation.

9. Nose bar:The nose bar is metal band, which can be bended easily and adapt to the contour of the nose.

10. Function:The face mask is applicable to the doctor and patient, it can prevent blood, body fluids and splash objects.


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