Lumbar Brace KDZJ-JZ-007


Product Description

▪ Limit lumbar flexion ,extension and rotation.
▪ Polymer plastic sheet, high strength, light weight.
▪ Horizontal size adjustable, suitable for a wide range of people.
▪ Two-piece front and back construction to provide a solid, stable support for the spine.
▪ Paste lined design, effectively increase abdominal pressure to ensure lumbar stability.
▪ Waist airbag design, making the patient wear more comfortable.

Scope of Application:
▪ Lumbar stability fracture.
▪ Lumbar spondylolisthesis.
▪ Lumbar injury fixed after surgery.
▪ Lumbar vertebral body lesions.

Size: Universal
Waist Circumference /cm: 70-100


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