Cervical Thoracic Orthosis KDZJ-JZ-002


Product Description


▪ Limit cervical and high part thoracic vertebra activities.
▪ Head, neck and chest fixed together can effectively control cervical rotation.
▪ Provide stable support.
▪ The height adjustment of the front and back piece can be adjusted according to the patient’s body shape.
▪ Curved support bar can provide stable support.
▪ Tool-free adjustment of design, easy to operate.

Scope Of Application:

▪ Cervical and high part thoracic vertebra injuries.
▪ Conservative treatment of cervical dislocation.
▪ Cervical and high thoracic vertebra injuries are fixed postoperative.

Size Universal
Neck Circumference 38-40cm
Circumference From Jaw To Occiput/cm 45-50


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